Car Insurance in Fresno, CA

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Auto Insurance in Fresno and What You Need to Know

Looking for affordable auto insurance in the city is a tough choice. Estimate after estimate leaves you sifting for more affordable options in Fresno than you knew possible, but essential.

Percentage increase in Fresno car insurance costs compared to national average

3052 %

Percentage increase in Fresno car costs compared to average in California

19 %

Percentage decrease in Fresno car insurance costs compared to most expensive in California

2192 %

Full Coverage Car Insurance

Free yourself and mind when driving with full coverage in Fresno. Nothing can beat being protected at an affordable rate.

Liability Car Insurance

Gain protection in Fresno when you meet the insurance requirements with our minimum liability auto insurance coverage plan. Always better to have safer driving in Fresno.

High Risk Car Insurance

Finding the best high risk car insurance in Fresno is like finding a needle in the haystack. We help you weed through the noise to get the best car insurance rates in Fresno, including high risk.

Home and Auto Insurance

What about home insurance? Save when living in Fresno when you check out the home and auto insurances bundle plans so you can save a little more.

Your Driving Record Matters When Getting Auto Insurance in Fresno

We all know the story. You find the auto insurance of your dreams. The quote, the plan, everything looks great and you’re ready to be protected. But wait, the insurance carrier gets back to you and informs you that the total cost is significantly higher than what you were first quoted. What happened? A little thing called insurance points might be what’s stopping you. The amount of points added to a driver’s record for a crime, varies by location and if you forget about what’s on your driving record, the department of motor vehicles might have reported tickets or accidents to the insurance carrier. This will cause rates to be higher than the auto insurance originally quoted and you feeling a little less protected. In Fresno it’s better to be safe than sorry. Secure your coverage with knowing your record first.

best home and auto insurance Fresno CA

Your Type of Car Plays a Role on Car Insurance Costs in Fresno

Depending on what kind of vehicle you drive, there’s a list of factors that will determine how much you will be paying for auto insurance in Fresno. The higher the horsepower, the more of a chance you will encounter danger and accidents. Statistics have shown that cars with more horsepower are involved in more accidents and require higher costs to cover the damage. The same could be said with larger vehicles such as SUV’s. In Fresno, the size of your vehicle could push your auto insurance premiums to a higher rate. The reason for this being is the size of the car could cause more damage to you and others on the road. For many auto insurance companies, a vehicle’s worth, size, and speed weighs significantly against the cost of coverage. The most inexpensive options, however, would be cars that are midsize such as sedans, midsize SUV’s, or minivans. For Fresno, it’s ideal to think about lower-priced vehicles when looking to save on auto insurance.

Vehicle TypeAnnual Average Cost of Car Insurance

best home and auto insurance Fresno CA

Cost of Car Insurance in Fresno by Gender and Marital Status

In several states, gender is no longer a variable when calculating auto insurance rates but marital status still is. In Fresno, married couples are more likely to qualify for reduced rates compared to a single individual with auto insurance. This is due to the fact that never-married individuals have a higher likelihood of driving accidents than married men and women. Besides young singles, elderly widows and divorcees also see higher prices on auto insurance in Fresno. You may even receive a discount by just having a domestic partner, given your state allows it. There are a variety of theories about why this could be the situation; some sources state married motorists drive less often than their single counterparts. Other resources hypothesize that married motorists have significantly more stable and less risky lifestyles compared to singles. Either way, if you just got married or are married, then you could qualify for a discounted car insurance rates in Fresno.

Where You Live in Fresno Affects Car Insurance Costs

Annual savings for car insurance in smaller towns near Fresno

15 %

Annual savings for car insurance in medium sized cities near Fresno

6 %

Depending on your neighborhood in Fresno, you could save thousands of dollars annually when it comes to auto insurance. Discrepancies in automobile insurance have little to do with the manufacturer or model of your car and more to do with your zip code. Cities with high levels of injuries and theft claims generally see higher auto insurance premiums. That is because auto insurance firms group specific zip codes collectively into risk classes. For Fresno in particular, the state of your roads in your neighborhood may also factor into the cost of your premium. Less developed roads mean higher auto insurance prices. In general, it’s typically more common for a city driver to pay more than those that live outside or in more rural areas. Mainly due to the fact that there are more cars and chances of getting into an accident in the city.

Average Costs of Auto Insurance in Fresno by Types of Coverage

Type of Auto Insurance CoverageAverage Annual Rate
Without Comprehensive or Collision1,453.01
Auto Insurance with Comprehensive Only1,714.54
Auto Insurance with Comprehensive and Collision2,528.21

Your Credit Affects Your Car Insurance Costs

It’s not just your driving history that gets taken into account when driving in Fresno. Like everything else when you’re ‘adulting’, credit scores play an instrumental part in your car insurance rate. Ninety-two percent of auto insurance companies in Fresno are known take your credit scores into consideration when calculating quotes. Studies indicate that using this particular score helps insurance companies predict what the costs for someone is when they’re likely to get into an accident. A credit-based car insurance coverage is considered for insurers to be the fairest, most suitable method to calculate rates for every single client. So, pay up on those bills to save more money in the long run and take control of your life to ensure the safest and most affordable auto insurance coverage plans in Fresno.

Average car insurance rate changes in Fresno based off credit scores.

68 %

Max car insurance rate changes in Fresno based off credit scores

149 %

92 percent of the car insurance companies in Fresno now think about your credit score when calculating how much you will pay for auto insurance.

Fresno Car Insurance Rates by Age

Age is nothing but a number. Except for when it comes to auto insurance policies. For Fresno, age is factored in to auto insurance calculations and vary considerably. This is because certain age groups are significantly more of a liability to cover than others because of a higher likelihood of injuries and costly claims. Younger drivers are in the top percentile for being involved in traffic incidents and exhibiting more reckless behavior. In other words, if you’re under the age of twenty-five, you’re more than likely to have a higher premium. If you’re in the mid-age range, Fresno auto insurance prices see a decrease and continues until you hit your seventies. Though age is a significant variable that plays into the cost of car insurance in Fresno, the effect of age on auto insurance varies from state to state. In the end, the younger you are the higher your rates will be.

best home and auto insurance Fresno CA

Getting the Best Auto Insurance Rates in Fresno

The process of buying and shopping for auto insurance in Fresno can be a daunting and a tiring experience. Until, let’s say one day you get involved in a traffic collision, automobile theft, natural disaster, or any kind of cataclysmic automobile event. And boy, the literal cost of that experience is going to be a pretty penny. So, how do you protect yourself from instances like these? If only there was a clear way on how to secure reduced auto insurance prices in Fresno. You go on the hunt for the cheapest rates around and find that Insurers actually supply a nice amount of discounts. Given you meet certain criteria, of course. These requirements range from age, marriage status, and even credit scores. But it doesn’t stop there. If you are looking for home insurance and automobile insurance at the same time, then there are options for bundles in Fresno that are ideal for you. Take the opportunity to compare prices across different vendors before you decide which kind of auto insurance in Fresno is the one. And if you need help with that process, we are always here to help.